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Lichfield Taxi Services

Are you looking for an easy and quick ride in the UK without doing much effort? Alpha Lichfield Taxi is here to offer you the best travelling experience at affordable rates. With Alpha Lichfield Taxi Company, you can book yourself a cab anywhere you want. We offer a range of options in our cab booking online service, so you can reach your destination with maximum comfort. 

In Lichfield city, taxis are an essential service to the public. Especially, when you are getting late for work, university, or in a hurry to catch a flight. Keeping that in mind, you can always go for a taxi booking online service, to save yourself time and energy.  Alpha Lichfield Taxi will provide you with our local taxis that will take you to your destination swiftly. We are proud to say that we are one of the best Private Taxi Service In Lichfield.

Airport Transfers

We have upto 8 seaters vehicles that can be used for your next trip to airport. You can contact us for any airport within UK and we'll book you and leaving you at airport without delays.

Business Trips

You can contact us and book with us for your regular or random business trips and we'll give you the service across the Midlands.

Private Tour Services

We also offer the most comfortable Private Touring Services for your unforgettable times. We are one call away.

Sports Event

Wherever and whichever event you want to go to within the UK, you can contact us and we'll book you and take you there on time.

Shopping Trips

Contact us for your shopping trips within your local areas or outside the town anywhere in the UK.

Evening Hire

You can hire upto 8 seaters vehicle for your evenings. We promise to be there on time and would let you fully enjoy your evening.

Book Your Taxi in Lichfield Online

What is better than your ride stopping right outside your doorstep and all you have to do is sit inside it and enjoy the comfort? You can always search for “taxi near me” and after only a few clicks, you will be all set to get to your destination in the cosiest and comfortable ride. 

As one of the leading Private Taxi Companies in Lichfield, our top priorities include our customer’s comfort while travelling. That is why you will always step out of our taxis with a contented smile after a relaxed trip.

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We are based near Trent Valley Train Station. If you are getting late catching a train or if you have missed your train we can reliably transfer you to your final destination. If you are at Lichfield City Station we can get you in no time.

Alternatively, you can contact us from the following available contact details.